Discover with us the beauty of our territory Valpolicella Classica through a guided wine tasting that will tell you not only about these but also about our natural beauties, our beautiful villas and the historical figures who lived or stayed here
The tastings are available in Italian, English, Spanish,
German for groups of at least 15 participants



With nonna  Luciana you will prepare two dishes of our tradition. fetuccine all uovo e gnocchi di patate! First we teach you how to cook  them and then we eat !

The duration of the course including meal is approximately 2/2 hours and a half.
The meal consists of the food prepared by you and then cooked and served by us with 3 different sauces.
Water, classic Valpolicella wine and Cocacola included.
The courses are available in Italian, English, Spanish, German
For groups of at least 15 participants
how does it work:
Nonna Luciana has her own station. She explains and demonstrates how pasta and gnocchi are prepared and explains why they are linked to our tradition.
Based on the number of participants, the workstations are prepared in each of which 7/8 people will work followed by our staff.
Then we eat


Together with our pizza chef, learn the secrets of making an excellent pizza..from the pasta to the sauce, everything is your doing, we just have to bake! and after the hard work everyone at the table!
everyone will be served their own pizza


Celebrate your eighteenth birthday with us,
you can only rent the room or request additional services


Discover the magnificent hikes and historical paths of Valpolicellaclassica
through the advices of Nonna Luciana
You can walk form the hotel or

If you arrive with your bike we will be able
to study with you even longer and more exciting trails